Anyone remember Calvin and Hobbes comics? My husband and I both loved it as kids (and as teens, and as adults). How can you not love a snarky six-year-old terror with a stuffed tiger who is actually real?

So maybe it was sentiment that made my husband grab a stuffed tiger off the shelf at Target and hand it to A to occupy her while we shopped. This is where all you veteran parents will groan at our rookie mistake. We expected to shop/browse while A happily played with this toy for a few minutes. I thought she’d grow bored of it or we could distract her and take it away later. Oh, no.

She snuggled and hugged and smiled and snuggled and chatted to this tiger in her adorable toddler-ese. She pet his head and wrapped her arm across his shoulders like they were best buddies. She turned him to face her, tilted her head, and asked him a question in her own baby language. She giggled at his silent response.

There was no putting this tiger back on the shelf. We had adopted him the second Tony picked him up and placed him in A’s arms.

We both realized how much trouble we’re in. Our daughter knows how to turn on the charm, and we are the suckers that fall for it. Today it is a stuffed tiger. Tomorrow it will be puppy. Or a car. Oh, please let us grow stronger before we get to the car phase (the puppy might not be so bad)!

I don’t want  to be a parent who gives her child everything just to make her happy. And I like to think that we don’t. We have boundaries. We have rules. But there are moments, I’m realizing more now that A is a toddler, when the parent that I want to be (and always thought I would be) doesn’t always align with the parent that I am. I give in to her whines sometimes. I (gasp) let her watch a little tv (and she’s not 2 years old yet)! We buy her a stuffed tiger even though she already has too many stuffed animals.

But doesn’t every child need a Hobbes to join in their adventures and make a little mischief? Yes, the answer is an emphatic yes. A has since brought Hobbes practically everywhere we go. We tried making him her car buddy, but she refused to let him stay in the car. She has made a new best friend.


As a side note, I promised pictures of my DIY curtain project from last week. After three nights measuring, ironing, sewing, they turned out…okay. Sometimes DIY projects sound better than the actual execution of them. But I learned a lot, and the curtains do their job (But you can definitely tell they are handmade!)

Homemade curtains: Cost more than I thought, took more time to make, but I'll chalk it up to a good learning experience. And they're not too shabby.
Homemade curtains: Cost more than I thought, took more time to make, but I’ll chalk it up to a good learning experience. And the fabric is pretty.



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