About-Amy-PicAnnie Dillard once said the writing life is “life at its most free.” I am a writer, but I’m also a mother and a wife. Admittedly, that all severely limits the “free” time in my life. Severely limits. Down to about 5 minutes. If I’m lucky. Writing takes a backseat to being a wife, and being a wife many times takes a backseat to being a mom (Thanks, hon, for understanding!). So, Ms. Dillard’s idea of the “writing free life” quickly made its way to the horizon of my life, waved, and then jumped off the edge.

Or so I thought.

You see, I was a writer first. Then I got married. Then I became a nanny. Then I became a parent. Then we moved two states away, bought a house, got a new job and virtually every night, weekend and spare moment somehow filled up. I almost all but hung up my “writer” hat for good, but a funny thing happened. Amidst the madness – amid the dinner making, diaper changing, family gatherings and house cleaning – I found a strange freedom. The freedom to actually wear a dozen life-hats, be a dozen kinds of persons to a dozen kinds of people and be called a dozen different titles. I am a writer, but I’m also a mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a nanny, a bargain shopper, a coffee-lover, yoga-lover, a book addict, a personal chef, a housekeeper, a laundry machine operator, toy search and rescuer, play date coordinator, backyard safety patrol officer…all while being myself, and having little spare time. Stress-free? Hah! Not by a long shot! But I manage to squeeze in some writing now, manage to squeeze in a minute or two of yoga, get a prayer or two out and I always thoroughly enjoy my cup(s) of coffee each day. Thoroughly. Maybe some chocolate, too.

My crazy life has brought with it so many blessings, laughter and love that I can’t help but feel the freedom of giving into it. So, here’s to giving in to that freedom – from every coffee break and recipe adventure to every writing struggle and motherly moment – and sharing it with all of you.

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