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July is Yoga Month. Well, for me, anyway. In an effort to become more physically fit, I dedicated the month of July to practicing yoga on a daily basis.

I recently read a lot about how habits are formed. (Nerd alert!) I learned that it is far easier to form a good habit/routine if you follow through with it everyday for the first month or two. It eliminates procrastination. I can’t say, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” I have to do it now, or tonight, but I have to do it before I go to sleep! Unless I fall asleep in child’s pose, and then my yoga practice can last through the night! (I only did that once.)

Right now, being on limited means and because I can’t just leave my daughter alone in the middle of the day, I am practicing yoga at home. But I also need instruction. Youtube Yoga, anyone? Click here for a fantastic yoga channel (Love this girl! She’s quirky, like me!)

There is only one spot in the house that has enough floor and overhead/arm space to practice. And that is smack in the middle of the living room. We have a smaller house, which we love (more on that later), but it does mean sharing and compromising space time. That being said, it was hard to stay motivated in a difficult yoga routine last Sunday while my husband blissfully napped on the sofa two feet away.

I am trying to work up the courage to take my workout outside on our deck or backyard. We live in a neighborhood of close houses, where backyards and kitchen windows overlook into each other’s spaces. I’m not quite ready to brand myself “that crazy yoga neighbor”. And as my body is only made up of 14% gracefulness, Warrior II will not look as good as I think I am managing. (Not to mention, for you yoga-knowers, there is no WAY I’m doing cow pose outside my house!! And for those less familiar, it sounds about as elegant as it looks.)

I think the thing I’m learning most from this new personal challenge is that you have to own the things you do. I am making this yoga time specific to my needs, and my limits (which are hard to accept sometimes). I have to adapt to what works for me and my schedule and my body (and my self-conscience). As much as I wish I was graceful and flexible like the yogis, I am not. As nice as it sounds to start my morning with a calming yoga routine, my reality is that my body (and toddler) do not see this as an option. So I’m going to work with what I have. And take joy that it’s mine.


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