September: Of Bugs, Books, and Schooling

It is September. On the brink of autumn and crisp days spent outdoors. My favorite season. With the changing season comes a lot of beginnings. Beginning activities and Bible study group. Beginning new routines with a newborn in the family. Beginning a year of Pre-K at home for Plum, my oldest.

With all the changes, I have had to continually remind myself to be flexible and realistic. With a new baby whose needs are not on a clock, tasks that need to be done are often interrupted or fit in when there is a free moment. This season is short. Before I know it, he will be crawling, then walking, then talking. He’s already eight weeks old! I am enjoying the baby-wearing, baby-cuddling baby-nursing stage that we’re in. 

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Joy at Home: A Birth Story

The pool took up a third of our living room. Six feet in diameter with sides that were thigh-high. Wedged between the couch and our entryway wall, it was the constant reminder each day that we were close. It blocked the front door (which we hardly used anyway) and our shoe mat (a bit more inconvenient).

Instead of a hospital bag, I had to make sure there was a stack of fresh towels available. And a hose. We had to get a drinking house to attach to our kitchen sink, to fill the pool when the time came.

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Where We Rest

There is this continued longing for rest. A moment by moment desire some days as I wrestle the toddler into a clean diaper or try to be diligent and intentional with the words and tone I speak to my daughter with. The physical discomforts of being 37 weeks pregnant. The repetitive tasks. The work. There is much joy in it, but it can be exhausting. And when I finally get time to rest, how well do I receive the gift? All too often I look…Continue Reading “Where We Rest”

The Lovely Truth of You

I have this temptation to compare myself to other moms. I know I’m not alone in this. My weakness in comparing usually doesn’t lie in desiring the material items or physical attributes of others. My weakness is seeing these women’s strengths and feeling like those qualities need to also be my strengths. I find myself lacking in comparison. Instead of appreciating the mom who bakes her own bread or has a cleaning schedule or is teaching her preschooler another language, I turn their strengths into…Continue Reading “The Lovely Truth of You”

The Gifts We Bring

For Christmas I gave my daughter a dollhouse. My dollhouse. My grandfather – Pa, as we call him – built the two-story house in his workshop nearly thirty years ago. He painted it green to match my childhood home. There is a front stoop, front and back doors that open, and curtains in one room. He crafted furniture to go with it. A bathtub made of wood with a tiny faucet. A refrigerator with shelves to fill with tiny food. A kitchen table with chairs….Continue Reading “The Gifts We Bring”