In Rain and Shine: A Peek At Our Week

Spring is finally here (I think)! With the crazy snowfall that happened just a couple weeks ago, it seemed like spring was taking its sweet time to arrive. And just like the change of the season, it seems like we’re also in a period of transition.

Plum seems to be sprouting up so fast. I only catch glimpses now of the baby she once was. She’s all little girl now. Is this the same girl who, as a baby, crawled with only one knee on the ground (and the other leg straight)? It already seems like so long ago. And the current baby in the house…well, Little Bear will turn one year next month! You take a breath and these kids are changing. Wait? You’re crawling?! Wait? You’re walking?! You’re dressing yourself?! You’re embarrassed of my dancing?! Wait? You’re going off to college?! (Okay, we’re not there yet.) Just when a pattern seems to develop, and you think you got it all under control, they go and change everything up!

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Breathe Deep: Intentional Rest

The past couple of days I have really been weighed down by all the things I don’t do well. Or, don’t do at all. The phrase, “I should be…” keeps popping into my mind. I should be a better homemaker. I should clean more, clean better. I should be reading more to Little Bear. I should have more routine and structure. I should be planning the spring garden. I should be praying more with Plum. I should be better at seasonal decorating….Hundreds of thoughts like this. All colliding together as they pour out of the woodwork, kitchen sink, bathroom drain, cabinets, and toy baskets. It’s been overwhelming.

All day these thoughts have popped out and interrupted sweet moments of play with my kids. They’ve pushed their way into my time reading the Bible. They’ve taunted me while I drink my coffee!

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Of Rabbits, Bears, and Grouchy Ladybugs: Intentional Reading

Before we begin, let me introduce my littles! If you’re new here, or didn’t catch the last post, I am giving my kiddos new blog names today, as the old ones were basic, and kind of confusing. And because, as a writer, I need to love my characters’ names! So, after stressing about this for a week, here they are: 

Plum (formerly known as A) is a sweet, flouncy, clever, newly-turned 3-year-old. She typically dresses monochromatically, and loves pretend play with characters from books and shows (Plum Pudding, from Strawberry Shortcake, is a particular favorite). She especially enjoys twirling and spinning while wearing dresses. She has a habit of interjecting big words or phrases into situations that make absolutely no sense at all, but is cute as heck. (“Sure do!” she says when I express how brave she was to ride the elevator. “49 cents and two pieces” she says as we pour a teaspoon of cinnamon into our muffin batter. What?!? 😀 )

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Last week (or was it even before that?) I had an extra child-free hour after an appt and decided to venture to a small independent bookstore a few towns over. I love the varied selection and unique feel that independent bookstores have! Creaking floorboards and quiet corners and the friendly dog that greets you at the door.

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