Joy at Home: A Birth Story

The pool took up a third of our living room. Six feet in diameter with sides that were thigh-high. Wedged between the couch and our entryway wall, it was the constant reminder each day that we were close. It blocked the front door (which we hardly used anyway) and our shoe mat (a bit more inconvenient).

Instead of a hospital bag, I had to make sure there was a stack of fresh towels available. And a hose. We had to get a drinking house to attach to our kitchen sink, to fill the pool when the time came.

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The Gifts We Bring

For Christmas I gave my daughter a dollhouse. My dollhouse. My grandfather – Pa, as we call him – built the two-story house in his workshop nearly thirty years ago. He painted it green to match my childhood home. There is a front stoop, front and back doors that open, and curtains in one room. He crafted furniture to go with it. A bathtub made of wood with a tiny faucet. A refrigerator with shelves to fill with tiny food. A kitchen table with chairs….Continue Reading “The Gifts We Bring”

Daily Rhythms

Sometimes I think it’s impossible to have a maintain a schedule with any regularity when young children are involved. They always like to surprise you by changing things just when you are feeling comfortable. Two reliable naps a day, finally? You breathe a sigh of rest, and the next day it’s a naptime battlezone! Kids sleeping in until 7 a.m? Ahhh... I can wake up early and have a quiet hour by myself to start the day. Oh, but that toddler knows you’re up without him! He will adjust his schedule accordingly. 

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Inconvenient Value: Intentional Mess

Waking up in the wee hours of the morning, I heard the coughing first. Then the dreaded cough-gag. I fumbled my way to the kids’ room and reached in the crib to retrieve the crying, vomit-soaked baby.

Unfortunately, I have this down to a somewhat methodical system. It’s happened so many times before. Since infancy, Little Bear (otherwise healthy) has had a sensitive gag reflex. Over-eating. Jostled after eating. Cough after eating. Sneezing. Choking on spit or snot….it always resulted in my Little Bear throwing up his meal. All over himself. All over me. Usually on carpet. One time in my hair.  I never realized how messy and gross parenthood could get before this beautiful boy arrived.

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