Behind the Toys: Intentional Play

“Play is the primary engine of human growth; it’s universal – as much as walking and talking. Play is the way children build ideas and how they make sense of their experience and feel safe. Just look at all the math concepts at work in the intricate buildings of kindergartners. Or watch a 4-year-old put on a cape and pretend to be a superhero after witnessing some scary event.”    – Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Ed. D.

 Last week I sat down and wrote down all the toys that Plum and Little Bear play with on a daily basis. I wrote down what type of play dominates their day. For Plum, it’s pretend play with little figures (fairies, people, animals), dress up play, drawing, building. For Little Bear it’s dumping, throwing, banging, chewing (of course). There are a lot of toys that sit idly by, untouched each day, and cluttering up the house. This is my constant project. The never-ending toy battle.

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Of Rabbits, Bears, and Grouchy Ladybugs: Intentional Reading

Before we begin, let me introduce my littles! If you’re new here, or didn’t catch the last post, I am giving my kiddos new blog names today, as the old ones were basic, and kind of confusing. And because, as a writer, I need to love my characters’ names! So, after stressing about this for a week, here they are: 

Plum (formerly known as A) is a sweet, flouncy, clever, newly-turned 3-year-old. She typically dresses monochromatically, and loves pretend play with characters from books and shows (Plum Pudding, from Strawberry Shortcake, is a particular favorite). She especially enjoys twirling and spinning while wearing dresses. She has a habit of interjecting big words or phrases into situations that make absolutely no sense at all, but is cute as heck. (“Sure do!” she says when I express how brave she was to ride the elevator. “49 cents and two pieces” she says as we pour a teaspoon of cinnamon into our muffin batter. What?!? 😀 )

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