Of Rabbits, Bears, and Grouchy Ladybugs: Intentional Reading

Before we begin, let me introduce my littles! If you’re new here, or didn’t catch the last post, I am giving my kiddos new blog names today, as the old ones were basic, and kind of confusing. And because, as a writer, I need to love my characters’ names! So, after stressing about this for a week, here they are: 

Plum (formerly known as A) is a sweet, flouncy, clever, newly-turned 3-year-old. She typically dresses monochromatically, and loves pretend play with characters from books and shows (Plum Pudding, from Strawberry Shortcake, is a particular favorite). She especially enjoys twirling and spinning while wearing dresses. She has a habit of interjecting big words or phrases into situations that make absolutely no sense at all, but is cute as heck. (“Sure do!” she says when I express how brave she was to ride the elevator. “49 cents and two pieces” she says as we pour a teaspoon of cinnamon into our muffin batter. What?!? 😀 )

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I march to the beat of my own drum…except it’s not a drum. And I don’t march.


This is what I said to my husband several nights ago when he was poking fun at me for talking nonsensically (which is a common occurrence). It is also my defense when my clothes don’t match, or when I make up words in the middle of conversations, or when I’m just being a little weird (eccentric, quirky, whathaveyou).

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