Dance to the Cupcakes!


That is what I said to my daughter after dinner yesterday. I had just finished pouring the last bit of batter into the muffin tin (whole-wheat carrot-applesauce muffins – yes, please!) and was tossing the last bit of dirty dishes into the dishwasher. My husband and A were talking about the cupcakes and panda bears on her pajamas. A attempted to say “cupcakes” and of course, pointed to the snack cabinet to indicate she’d like one.

I turned the knob on the dishwasher. After the “click”, the water swished into the machine and created the dishwasher music. A dances to anything with rhythm (dishwasher, water fountains, songs blaring from cars that pass us while we’re going for walks, the internal music in A’s little head). The girl dances all the time.

So I turned to her and said, “Dance to the dishwasher!” except dishwasher came out cupcakes. She swayed side to side and bobbed her head up and down. Later, when we were singing the song “Mr. Sun” together, she patted her leg with one hand while trying to snap with the other. Cutest Thing In The World! (I’m not being biased. It was literally the cutest thing in the world…Okay, I’m biased. But still, so cute!)

Back to my verbal slip. This isn’t the first time something like this has come out of my mouth. I was thinking about five different things while still trying to muster some extra energy to last until A’s bedtime (My body is still adjusting to her new routine of 6 a.m. wake up calls).

I was thinking how common this is for me to put random words together in totally nonsensical sentences. Especially after a full day with little ones. (I did this quite a few times when I was nannying for twin toddlers with my infant baby girl.) You know all those posts and videos of Kids Say The Darndest Things. They should have one for Moms Say The Darndest Things. Because whether it is just a mental slip, or it is actually what you intended to say because of some strange (yet all too common) conversation with a young one, we moms say some crazy stuff! I think I will start a list…

If you have any funny moments, I’d love to hear about them!



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