The Most Important Interruptions

I love resolutions. Goals. Planning. I want to see what is ahead and go forward in a prepared manner. I love the fresh start, the clean piece of paper. I have so many resolutions swarming in my mind. Healthier eating. Home organization. Books to read (clearly, the most important). Starting off the year, Little Bear got sick. We had just returned home from a week-long trip. It was the week I wanted to organize the gifts and new toys, wash the clothes and clean the house….Continue Reading “The Most Important Interruptions”

The Bigness of Small Moments

For me, it was fifteen minutes. To her, it was the whole day. She talked of snowbugs, made-up insects with a long stinger, three legs, five eyes, and two wings. She drew a picture of one. “Her name is Folly,” she explained, “and she lives alone in a hollow oak tree.” There were other snowbugs, but not nearby. Folly liked her solitude and was not lonely. Plum walked around the living room, hands moving, eyes lit up, explaining the intricate details of this creature. What…Continue Reading “The Bigness of Small Moments”

Beneath the Surface of Anger

Anger was there long before I recognized it. It took me by surprise when I finally noticed it. Perhaps if I had seen it sooner, it would have only been a small blemish. But because it had gone on for years, it was an iceberg. 90% of it was under the surface. Which makes it all the more challenging to see its existence. And even harder to uproot it from the heart.

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Book Bags and Rain Puddles

This has been a typical, unpredictable autumn in the Midwest. The temperature going from that perfectly crisp fall day to hot and sunny. Then two days later, we’re bundling in jackets and rainboots.

One such day, the sun crawled behind some rain clouds after lunch. Library trip! I thought. Our trips to the library had become less frequent during the beautiful fall days in lieu of spending as much time out of doors. However, there is no better company on a rainy day than a cup of hot coffee and a stack of books. We packed our bags, geared up, and walked out the door.

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Investigation and Adventures

“Let’s go on an adventure walk!” Plum yells enthusiastically. We’ve dubbed our time in nature as explorations; finding leaves and rocks are akin to finding treasures. Stopping a hundred times while walking only ten feet, we let our interests lead us. The red and orange of fall leaves, the yellow bunch of wildflowers, the prickly chestnut husks, the mushrooms and moss on the ground. All require a pause to look, to touch, to smell (and for Little Bear, to tear apart or stomp on).

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