This last week, and the weekend, has been busy! With starting work again, A’s 18 month check up, painting the front steps and back deck, and my hubby working hard on projects for work, there really hasn’t been much free time! (We did sneak in a Redbox movie last night, though! Hurray for movie night!)

This week will be even busier than the last. Besides work, we are preparing for my family to come stay with us next weekend! We are really looking forward to it!! In the meantime, nothing motivates us to clean and organize the house more than having guests. (It’s probably good that we have guests once in awhile, then!)

Besides the cleaning aspect, and the preparing the guest room and beds, there are a few little projects around the house that we want to complete before the weekend.

I’m attempting to make curtains for the first time (Aaahh! Why did I wait until this week to do this?!) I’ll post pictures (or outtakes of my failure! ha!) next week. We also got a free used swingset that needs some love before it is set up. (Thank you to my in-laws!! They are great at getting deals, and have been such a blessing in helping with our house projects – pictures to come next week, as well!)

This week I’m going to take a break from the blog. (Life comes first. Blog is second!) And I’ll be back next week with stories from my family’s visit, and pics of our completed projects!

Thanks for reed-ing! And have a great week!



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