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“You love me and you know you’re going to marry me.”

That is what Amy said to me after we had been dating for two months. Two months. A bit shocking, yes. But what is probably even more shocking, though…is that she was right; I knew I loved her from our second date. By the end of that date, I also knew I had met my wife. So, her assertion was quite dead on. I knew. She knew. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Amy wears many hats other than just wife, but like the above quote and story, she always knows what her heart tells her in whatever she does, no matter the title. She acts on that dialogue with a quiet yet exceptionally strong passion that never ceases to amaze and inspire me. I have only witnessed that rare kind of passion one other place; her mother, Gail. I never had the privilege of knowing Gail personally – she died when Amy was only nine – but I have read her writings, poetry, letters, and songs that Amy has collected. From what I can tell, Amy is so very much like her mother, both wearing their many hats – Writer. Mother. Wife. – all at once and quit effortlessly. Right down to the matching beaming smile, Amy is her mother’s daughter through and through. Such a legacy that has made quite a woman (if I do say so myself).

I have watched Amy grow as a writer over our years together. She has won awards, compiled writings, and agonized over the fate of characters as if they were her own family. I have watched her bring our beautiful little girl (and now also little boy) into this world and become the absolute best mother on this planet (seriously, she is a phenomenal mother). She has accomplished the not-so-small feat of putting up with me (you can all nod here, if you know me), making me the most blessed husband ever and her my best friend in the world. And I have watched her faith deepen as she grows closer to Christ, which in turn drives her to share her life with friends and anyone who needs her. She inspires me to be a better man. Everyone who meets her realizes rather quickly what I realized on that second date years ago…

“There’s something very special about this one.”

It made me think of how many other people my Amy Reed Dipane could touch; how many other people her writings, her heart’s thoughts, her motherly advice, and her prayers could reach. So, I did what any tech-industry and semi-geek (OK, total geek) husband would do; I created her a website.

So, here you are, Reed-ers (I now dub you all). From short stories and book reviews to motherly musings, personal prayers, and so much more; this is my Amy Reed Dipane and your Enjoy her, Reed-ers. I know I do.

The Many Tony's and Amy's (Wide)

Amy's editor, husband and #1 "Reed-er".

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